Q: Is Cisco MeetingPlace impacted by DST and how do they rebase meetings?


A: It’s our understanding that MeetinPlace leverages the core OS for the DST information, so that they are fine once the underlying Windows 2000 Server is patched.  We understand that Cisco has a tool that will convert all the currently scheduled meetings on the MeetingPlace server and any new meetings scheduled after the OS is patched are handled properly.  


Cisco also recommends to their users to make sure to patch Exchange as well if it is being used as the front end scheduler.  For these users, they also need to patch the MeetingPlace Outlook gateway server after they’ve patched the Exchange Server (the user copies the CDO.dll from the Exchange server to their gateway server). 


Here is the notice from Cisco’s website.




Also, of interest, here is the Unity notice as well.