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About US


About US

Greetings from the Microsoft Lync Server Resource Kit team!  We welcome your participation on this site and look forward to your comments here and at DrRez on Twitter.

We are a project team of 40+ folks from across Microsoft Lync Server teams and the community at large. We are led by the Lync Server documentation team, but our writers and technical reviewers come from all disciplines, including product engineers, field engineers, support engineers, documentation engineers, MVPs, Certified Masters, and some of the most respected technology bloggers and authors in the Lync Server universe.

The posts you see on this blog have one thing in common: They are 300-500 level deep-dive explorations of the technology. We call this category of documentation the technical reference. If you love knowing what is under the product hood, this is your site.

On the other hand, if you are looking for core Lync Server documentation (getting started, planning, deploying, migrating, administering, securing, troubleshooting), we encourage you to visit the Technical Library and our sister site, NextHop. We have a wealth of 100-300 level documentation for you there.

Oh, one more thing. You can count on our articles to be as technically accurate as we can make them. Each article goes through several layers of technical review, as well as a full edit process. If you discover an inaccuracy in one of our articles, TELL US, and we will move quickly to correct the oversight. That's a promise.

In the months ahead, we will bring you sneak previews of the under-development Microsoft Lync Server Resource Kit, as well as weekly technical reference articles.

It is our hope that you will think of this site as both a technical resource and place to share your thoughts on the product and the documentation. Let's get talking!