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  • Blog Post: boot from vhd on windows xp – the tuturial part 1

    ok as promised – here’s my step by step guide with screen shots.  thanks to garry martin for a great post on mark wilson’s blog detailing this.  these posts will be a little bit backwards because this first one assumes you have already created or obtained a vhd of windows 7 enterprise or ultimate...
  • Blog Post: just reminded of the windows xp service pack/browser test vhd downloads

    it looks like one of the microsoft virtual hard drive (vhd) images for internet explorer 8 beta have been updated (windows xp with service pack 3). you can download this and run it with virtual pc 2007 on whatever operating system you are on.
  • Blog Post: boot from vhd on windows xp!!!

    finally! i found instructions on how to setup boot from vhd on windows xp so that you can start windows 7. if you join the chicago windows user group on live.com, you can learn how as well! this requires windows 7 enterprise or ultimate and you have to setup the vhd of windows 7 ahead of time
  • Blog Post: 10 years ago…

    i was running windows xp (and had been since before it was released) and when i read ed bott’s post about browser usage , i couldn’t help but think about what i was running 10 years earlier in early 1992… i started at the company my wife now works for and was supporting software...
  • Blog Post: workshifting

    i came across this blog called workshifting and have found a number of the posts thought provoking. the first time i found it i wasn’t certain what workshifting was (they list “anywhere is my office” and “what we used to call telecommuting” as explanations) but liked the...
  • Blog Post: how green is your pc?

    microsoft has made a program available from verdiem called edison.  this free tool is available for windows xp and windows vista - check it out at http://www.microsoft.com/environment/edison.aspx
  • Blog Post: browser for the better

    i came across the following today – a site sponsored by microsoft that will donate 8 meals to feeding america for every download of internet explorer 8 from the site.  now the challenge – finding a computer that i’m not running internet explorer 8 on yet (i think my aging windows xp media center...