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  • Blog Post: windows rt tip: regain an extra 3.5 gb of space

    WARNING: This is an advanced tip for users that understand the ramifications of deleting a recovery partition. If you have problems in the future and did not back up your recovery files, you will likely need to visit a Microsoft Store. I'm going to do some recovery testing and will post a follow up ...
  • Blog Post: windows rt tip: surface for windows rt recovery key

    Read an interesting article (and fortunately I haven't had need for this yet) on the recovery key location in SkyDrive. http://windows.microsoft.com/recoverykey or http://skydrive.com/recoverykey are links that will redirect you to the location in Skydrive where the Surface for Windows RT is stored....
  • Blog Post: windows rt tip - how to recreate a recovery partition

    ADVANCED TIP FOR THE TECHNICALLY INCLINED: Assuming you didn't jump right in like me and delete your recovery partition on a Windows RT device (haven't tested this on an OEM Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro machine - yet here's the official guidance - http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh825221.aspx...