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  • Blog Post: full operating system vs mobile operating system

    3:50 pm it’s been less than 24 hours since i memorized the dvorak keyboard and i’m no speed demon as this post will attest to… 3:54 pm but what the four minutes of trying to remember where the colon is on the dvorak layout (it’s where the shift + z should be!), another powerful reason for a full operating...
  • Blog Post: 8 things about windows 8: living in metro

    I’ve been running Windows 8 for well over 6 months as my production operating system, but the funny thing is you wouldn’t normally notice unless you asked “where’s the Windows logo in the lower left hand corner?” and that is because I spend a lot of time in desktop applications today.  My primary...
  • Blog Post: sun city computer club presentation

    this morning i presented at the largest computer club i am involved with (over 900 members and probably 200 at the meeting). we spoke about windows live essentials and windows live writer. i posted the beginning of this post, and thought before the end of december i should put together a summary of 2011...