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  • Blog Post: movies about dreams and virtual reality

    this week i saw the movie inception for the second time and it reminded me of another movie when i was young that i really enjoyed brainstorm. brainstorm is a movie staring christopher walken and natalie wood about two scientists that perfect a machine that allows one person to "playback" the real world...
  • Blog Post: to netbook or not to netbook - that is the question

    this evening i was looking at the various options - around $300-350 for netbooks. netbooks are interesting because they can run either windows xp, windows vista or windows 7 beta and they are larger than my current phone to make typing and using them easier. still lightweight and extremely portable ...
  • Blog Post: running windows 7 on a netbook

    i recently received two netbooks for our upcoming cwug windows 7 loadfest and have been doing some testing with windows 7 home premium and windows 7 ultimate on them. we're looking to provide the community with these kinds of experiences as well. two more installations to add to my road to 700. hopefully...