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  • Blog Post: test, test and test some more

    as i'm typing this post, i'm running on windows vista sp2 release candidate, just downloaded and installed internet explorer 8 and the office 2007 service pack 2 beta . the system is also configured with windows 7 boot to vhd for interim windows 7 testing and app-v 4.5 cu1 as well. microsoft deployment...
  • Blog Post: mdop charter member program

    thanks to christopher kusek for remembering to blog about this (after i mentioned it, but apparently never blogged about it). at our october cwug meeting, gordon dunkley and christopher kusek were the only two attendees that were certified as charter members.
  • Blog Post: windows 7 virtualization

    we're gearing up for a great cwug march meeting and it will feature some of the new virtualization capabilities that windows 7 has. app-v just went into a 4.5 cu1 beta and this means we'll add this to our planned demos and possibly hands on lab for march. all of the sequenced demo applications that i...
  • Blog Post: 57 + 2 = 59 installations of windows 7

    i've installed windows 7 on dell, lenovo and hp computers and today i just completed the installation on two new dell latitude e4300s. desktops and laptops, tablets and notebooks, haven't installed it on a netbook just yet, but that can't be too far away. i will install it on my older toshiba notebook...