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  • Blog Post: windows 7 wednesday tips (7 for the end of 2009)

    here’s another installment of my public windows 7 wednesday tips.  we’ve been providing weekly tips internally for 18 weeks and many of those same tips will be reproduced here (as well as new ones).  here are 7 tips to ring in the new year: #1 use internet explorer 8’s inprivate browsing mode...
  • Blog Post: windows 7 wednesday tip: taskbar preview from the keyboard

    taskbar preview from the keyboard – windows key + t most people love the taskbar preview of multiple windows or documents in windows 7, but did you know you can access it from your keyboard?  press and hold down the Windows key and then the t key to highlight the thumbnail previews – press t again...
  • Blog Post: windows 7 – what happens with a lot of windows and alt+tab?

    on my regular system this have never presented itself as an issue, but what about on a netbook with limited resolution?  windows 7 allows the alt + tab results to wrap in the list.   alt + tab results on my workstation usually the main culprit for me to even consider this limit is internet...
  • Blog Post: windows key + space to show desktop in windows 7 beta

    wow - pretty cool new feature to peek at the desktop. windows key + arrow keys are very cool as well
  • Blog Post: favorite windows 8 feature

    I’m using Windows 8 on many different devices, but have a couple still running Windows 7 for one reason or another (main family computer has 3d and Media Center – haven’t upgraded it yet).  Here’s one thing I miss when I’m not in Windows 8 – multiple taskbars on multiple monitors.  In Windows...