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  • Blog Post: windows 7 wednesday tips (7 for the end of 2009)

    here’s another installment of my public windows 7 wednesday tips.  we’ve been providing weekly tips internally for 18 weeks and many of those same tips will be reproduced here (as well as new ones).  here are 7 tips to ring in the new year: #1 use internet explorer 8’s inprivate browsing mode...
  • Blog Post: windows experience index in windows vista

    5.9 for primary hard disk - will have to compare this to a couple of my other systems, but this is on a solid state hard drive. wmic even lets you display this from the command line: wmic path win32_winsat get diskscore - next i'll have to write a script!
  • Blog Post: the wonders of powershell

    I have been working with batch files, scripts and the command line ever since I can remember. I learned computers years ago and began by going through my Dad's DOS manual (I got all the way to F and learned what format did to his floppy boot disk!) Now that I've started using PowerShell it reminds me...
  • Blog Post: winsat.exe update–disk performance

    about a month ago i shared a tip about running winsat from the command line.  here’s some more detail and results from various systems i have available. figure 1: this is from a traditional laptop hard drive figure 2:  this is from a computer running an intel solid state hard drive figure 3...
  • Blog Post: did you know: you can shrink a hard drive from the command line (and in the windows vista/7 setup program?)

    friday i posted information about dynamically shrinking a partition from your windows vista or windows 7 installation (making room for another operating system) but what if you are already running windows xp and would like to take advantage of this feature?  you can, but before the step by step...