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  • Blog Post: windows 7 blog added to windows team blog

    if you haven't been over to the windows team blog lately, check it out today. wish i was in los angeles at the pdc this morning - it's cold enough in illinois this morning for snow.
  • Blog Post: microspotting

    before i started at microsoft on october 31, 2005 (yes – it’s almost been four years!) i spent a lot of time combing through posts on channel9 , jobsblog and the careers site.  i wanted to get a sense of whether i would fit in.  fortunately i was interviewed for and accepted the perfect job...
  • Blog Post: sunday posts for everyone: what is he talking about?

    a couple weeks ago someone mentioned that they don’t understand half of the stuff i post here, on twitter and on facebook (because my twitter updates also appear on facebook automatically) and i got to thinking about how much of what i communicate assumes you work in information technology.  thus...