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September, 2010

  • kindle madness and how full is your bucket?

    i have finally made a convert to the amazon kindle - my wife (and hopefully soon my parents or at least my father). i shouldn't take any of the credit - her friend (and my high school classmate) amy actually did all the work. i've been toying with the...
  • internet explorer 9 beta–drag and drop

    check this one out – when you’ve got multiple tabs in internet explorer 9, you can drag a tab into it’s own window. three tabs open in internet explorer 9 beta just drag a tab like the it crowd and it’s in a separate window by itself!
  • bad boys

    last night was series 4 episode 5 of the it crowd “bad boys” and this one incorporates everything i love about the show.  it’s got a lot of geek humor (like the browser discussion with jen -  http://www.ifc.com/videos/it-crowd-s4-ep-5.php and...
  • sunday posts for everyone - biking, growing up and independence

    this weekend our daughter audrey learned to ride a two wheeler and just like her older brother samuel is now cruising around the neighborhood with the rest of us independent of training wheels or a contraption off the back of dad's bike. her new found...