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System Center Data Protection Manager 2012 Beta - Now Available!

System Center Data Protection Manager 2012 Beta - Now Available!

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We are very excited to announce the release of DPM 2012 Beta.

Some of the big enhancements include:

    1. Centralized Management of DPM Servers (built on top of System Center Operations Manager )
      • A Central Console from which you can monitor and manage all the backup servers in your datacenter.
      • Need it today for the DPM 2010 environment? We got it! - Use a single console to monitor both DPM 2012 and DPM 2010 servers! (Make sure you download the interoperability patch for DPM 2010)
      • Role Based Access enabled – Use one of the 8 default roles or create a new role from scratch in a minute. Default Roles include : Read-Only User; Recovery Operator ; Reporting Operator; Tier-1 Support (help desk); Tier-2 Support(escalation); TAPE Operator; TAPE Admins and DPM Admins
    2. Certificate Based Protection Backup machines from domains not trusted by the DPM Server domain including workgroup machines using certificates
    3. Best for Microsoft Apps
      • Enhanced Hyper-V  Support – Faster Hyper-V backups (Express Full) support for standalone Hyper-V hosts and ability to perform item level recovery even when DPM is running inside a VM.
      • Enhanced SharePoint Support– Recover files in seconds. Item level Recovery without moving content DBs. SharePoint RBS Support.
      • SQL FILESTREAM Support
    4. Cool New UI – Yes. Download it, see it, tell us how you feel Smile.
    5. TAPE Feature Enhancements – Improved reliability, space optimization and more flexible job management capabilities.
    6. Consolidate databases of multiple DPM Servers on same SQL Instance.
    7. And as always, seamless upgrade experience from your existing DPM environment (DPM 2010).


Stay tuned to our blog for in depth coverage of each of the major enhancements including How-To videos. Looking forward to your feedback through our Connect Website, forums and the blogs.




DPM 2012 Beta -

DPM 2010 Interoperability Hotfix for DPM 2012 -

DPM 2012 Beta Forum:

Connect Website Link :

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  • Where can I find more info on "Certificate Based Protection"? Would this give the ability for one DPM server in a datacenter to back up other on-prem DPM servers in multiple domains? This would open it up to the MSP market.

  • Are there any changes as far as the possibility of encrypting the storage pool? Or is using tape encryption still the only way? Are tape backups still only full backups or are incrementals possible?

  • CONGRATS all !!

    More blogging on DPM 2012 at

    Video overview of DPM 2012 from TechEd at

  • Here is the upgrading article at

    and Installation:

  • Will DPM 2010 be able to act as a secondary for a DPM 2010?

  • Will DPM 2012 be able to act as a secondary for a DPM 2010?

  • @Christian Kelly : Just published a blo post on Certificate Based protection. let me know if you have more questions.

    @Miha : No. You would need to pair up a DPM 2010 with 2010 and DPM 2012 with a 2012 server.

  • A shame, but thank you Prabu. Will know how to plan ahead.

  • I have an additional question regarding a post by Mike Jacquet here:

    He states: "Hyper-V protection is the ONLY workload that uses CC logic for express full backups, that is because block level changes are not exposed to our DPM filter driver if the VM is located on CSV cluster disk so we needed to use CC logic.  We will make this better in the next version of DPM."

    I'm currently protecting a two node Hyper-V cluster, there's about 1,5TB of data and up to 50GB changes per day. DPM 2010 takes a long, long time to backup since it appears to CC the entire 1,5TB.

    Is the behaviour in DPM 2012 changed so that block level changes are exposed to the DPM filter driver if the VM is on a CSV? I'm thinking that would greatly reduce the time and I'd definitely hold up with additional DPM 2010 purchases planned for the end of this year and just wait for DPM 2012.

  • Miha,

    DPM 2012 Hyper-V Express Full changes effects Hyper-V Stand Alone deployments only.  Due to the technological limitation in various components, express full on Hyper-V CSV cannot be supported at this point.  Though I understand the customer pain point, DPM 2012 do not have a solution at this point.  DPM team is certainly looking at a solution.. but do not have a concrete plan for this yet.  I will certainly update the blog once we have the solution in place.  

  • Thank you for replying, hope this gets fixed eventually. I'm having a hard time explaining to my manager why 50GB's woth of changes take 5/6 hours.

  • Will DPM 2012 allow you to do long term protection to disk without 3rd party products such as Firestreamer?

    Will DPM 2012 protect ESXi guests from the host level?

  • DPM 2012 do not allow longterm to disk.

    DPM 2012 do not protect ESXi guests from the host level.

  • "DPM 2012 do not allow longterm to disk."

    It's amazing that this still isn't possible.

  • @JayareIL, I'm amazed also. They have D2D2T, D2D2C, but not long term protection to disks. WHY??? Hard drive storage is SO cheap.

    As for ESXi guests, I'm hoping one day they will add this. DPM is already an amazing prodcut, but adding thise feature would make it the ULTIMATE backup solution.