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Rest in Peace, Ruud Baars

Rest in Peace, Ruud Baars

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RuudBaarsOver the weekend, the DPM community lost one of its best – Ruud Baars.

While you may be familiar with some of the DPM voices and faces, Ruud was one of the quiet and sometimes unseen, true innovators of how to deploy DPM in the real world.

  • If you received answers to questions in the DPM newsgroups or forums, those answers often came from Ruud – either directly, or by the people that he has mentored over the years.
  • If you have used the advanced PowerShell scripts to manage DPM, they were often from Ruud.
  • If you got pragmatic answers from your Microsoft account team on the specifics of sizing and architecture before the DPM storage calculators, those answers probably came from Ruud through our internal DLs that he constantly monitored to help others.

Ruud worked at Microsoft for more than 10 years. He started his career in Product Support and joined Services five years ago. His last position was that of Senior Consultant in the Core IO team. Ruud was a very passionate and driven person -- to customers and colleagues alike, dedicated to Microsoft technologies and its development. We will remember Ruud for his valued critical and optimistic attitude and his unique, characteristic, concise and powerful way of communication.

Ruud was one of the first Microsoft consultants to really pick DPM up. In the early days of DPM v1 (2006), there was a lot of excitement around the potential of Microsoft delivering its own backup solution. But after the anticipation, and the evangelism, and the proofs of concept, it was early experts like Ruud who actually helped customers successful with their first deployments. And as the DPM communities grew, both internal to Microsoft and externally with customers, partners and industry SMEs/MVPs, it was often Ruud who acted as the ‘deployment guru’ that we all learned from – not just about DPM itself, but storage, backup/recovery, and service.

Three months ago, Ruud was diagnosed with lung cancer, which overtook him last weekend. He leaves behind his wife, Han, and daughter Kimberley – as well as a company and community that are indebted to his knowledge and service.

Personally, I will always be grateful for the passion and expertise that he brought to the DPM community.  But what I will remember the most is how that passion and expertise was delivered with the humility of a true gentleman.

Rest in Peace, Ruud.

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  • I really Miss you. Whenever i am on stuck on customer issue first thing comes to mind is RUUD.After that i will go for other resources. My deepest condolences to the family.

  • I've worked with Ruud in some capacity or another for my entire career at Microsoft, and I just can't imagine the company or the DPM community without him.  It honestly was one of the saddest days in my 14 years here when I found out this past Sunday.

    R.I.P. my friend.

  • Very sad about this, i remember while he was helping me on DPM in 2008, I’ve asked if he was present at event Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) that year. He replied "We’ll meet sometime, I don’t plan to leave MS... :-)".

    Sadly, I’ve never met him…Goodbye man… and thanks for all you given us.

  • Ruud was the "Go-to" person for the "Go-to" people.  He delivered countless scripts and resolutions for DPM via all channels. He always had time to work with an individual if needed. As stated many times and for good reason, he was extremely passionate about his work and will be sorely missed for his connection with the community.  Our prayers are with his wife and family.

  • It was a real shock when I read the news today.

    I met Ruud two years ago on a project here in the Netherlands, where he supported me with the DPM implementation. The discussions we had about deployment issues were always productive and I really appreciated his passion for his work, his knowledge and his pragmatic approach.

    And when things went wrong, Ruud always had a script to fix it….

    The last time I heard from him was one week before he died. I didn’t know that he was sick when I sent an email with a DPM question. I got an Out of Office reply, but a couple of hours later I got a reply from him with the answer. This illustrates how helpful he was for his colleagues.

    The community will miss him.

    Dag Ruud, je was een fijne vent.

  • I am shocked to hear the news about Ruud. I exchanged emails with Ruud a few times late last year and had to pleasure to talk to him on the phone. He spoke with passion about his product and was very helpful to me and answered all my questions. The last time we spoke he was off sick and yet still answered the phone. I am very sorry to hear Ruud is no long with us. Microsoft has lost a great member of staff and clients have lost a great and knowledgable resource.

    My thoughts are with his family.

  • Yesterday we've said goodbey to Ruud.

    His work was his life. I didn't really knew what kind of work he did, anything but  that he worked on the software site by Microsoft. Actually I still,  really don't know. What I do know,  reading all of you commentary , is that  he was respected for his great  knowledge of DPM, always wanted to help others in his own way and willing to support.

    It feels, really,  more than good that many off you have respect Ruud's work and himself as a person.

    On my behalf ( Ruud's sister )  I want to thank Jason and all of you for your support, your kind words, the many flowers, and  for those who could be present at the cremation.  

  • Ruud was truly one of a kind. When he was hired, we were proud to have someone with that deep knowledge of our products work for us and that never changed. I remember many meetings where Ruud made the difference simply because he was THE authority on the subject matter. Just truly amazing.

  • Amongst many others I was also lucky to have worked with Ruud, it was always a pleasure and a lot of fun working with him.... I'll miss you Ruud!

    Ruud, on June 9th we will be riding Alpe d’Huez 6 times with 4 Microsoft colleagues in one day to raise money for cancer research. One of the climbs we will dedicate to you my friend…..

    Rest in peace!

  • I worked together with Ruud on several engagements, his open and honest communication will be missed. Ruud was alway willing to help and assist with his knowledge and insights. Will miss you Ruud!

  • I really don't know what else to add to the list of accollades above other than to say finding out today that we had lost you has left me truly saddened.

    Even though Ruud had a separate role of his own inside of Microsoft, when the European Incubation Storage team was formed we readily welcomed him as an honourary member because his passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject  was so captivating.

    He always seemed to be able to help no matter what the hour and I often wondered if he ever slept because he always seemed to be replying to the people in our community.

    I will miss the debates and discussions we had and the help and advice that you were always so free with.

    Rest In Peace my friend, you will be truly missed

  • James and all the other people who wrote this Blog.

    I sincerely want to thank you for sharing your memories and kind thoughts in this blog. Many of you I know from Ruud’s stories, Kimberley and I read them over and over. It warms our hearts, all the lovely words/cards/flowers and visits we got from everybody. I knew another aspect of him of course, but recognize a lot of aspects of your stories, the words I wrote for the ceremony tell you a bit about another fantastic side of him.


    I want to honor you as you were. No Nonsense no show, but a lot of love and a big hart for those who mattered. Nothing but love and respect I have gotten from you for 18 fabulous years and above all a fantastic daughter, for who I will carry on and go on living.

    Bye love, bye soul mate.

    Your memory I will cherish the rest of my life.

  • My deepest condolences to the family and Microsoft colleagues, as customer was a pleasure working together with Ruud.

    A great professional will be missed, rest in peace Ruud.

  • In our many contacts over DPM, Ruud has been invaluable to me as well as my colleagues and customers, helping to understand the product better. Ruud was just about always available for answering questions or talking over designs.

    I will sincerely miss him. I wish Ruud’s relatives and friends all the strength with this dreadful loss.

  • I'm shocked to hear of Ruud's untimely demise.  I very fondly remember the long hours we spent on customer issues, and his deep insight that went into developing DPM Storage Calculators.  Several initial DPM customer wins can directly be attributed to his passion and his technical ability.  His loss will be felt by Microsoft community and personally by me.  

    My heartfelt sympathies to his wife Han and daughter Kimberley.  Wish them courage, fortitude and strength in facing this loss.