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New DPM2010 Storage Calculator links (Sep-2010)

New DPM2010 Storage Calculator links (Sep-2010)

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Please find below direct links to DPM2010 storage calculators.
New calculators will be listed here when they become available.




For SQL and File/Volume workloads you can use the “DPMVolumeSizing” tool created for DPM2007 but still applicable for DPM2010 for these workloads. Pleas do NOT use this tool for workloads listed above.

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  • My organization is planning an upgrade to Exchange 2010 and as such we are also planning a DPM 2010 deployment for backup of Exchange. I used the output of the Exchange 2010 planning calculator as input for the DPM planning calculator but I have some additional questions specific to planning the storage. For simplicity sake and for maximum flexibility, we would like to simply use large RAID5 LUNS with 2TB disks and simply allocate this as a storage pool that the Exchange protection groups will then use but my sense is that this is not a recommended solution. My specific questions are:

    1) Is it recommended to use custom volumes or a DPM storage pool when creating and allocating Replica and Recovery Point Volumes for the protection groups? For Exchange 2007, the DPM sizing calculator  specified using custom volumes and we deployed DPM as a test in this manner but we would prefer to allocate the storage using a storage pool because then the volumes can be configured and set to autogrow through DPM without having to use Windows disk management. This seems much more flexible if for instance you have unexpected growth on a particular resource you are backing up and the DPM volumes reach their capacity.

    2) I see the latest recommendation is to use LUNS no larger than 17TB. Is there any advantage to putting the Replica Volumes and the Recovery Point volumes for a selected resource you are backing up on different LUNS? Is this recommended?

    3 The DPM storage configuration that the calculator provides shows essentially one LUN for each protection group. Is there any potential issue with putting multiple protection groups on the same LUN?

    There is surprisingly little in the way of best practices in this area on TechNet and on this blog. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  • I use this tool regularly at work, but sometimes I find myself needing it when I don't happen to have it, and for some reason I have difficulties finding this URL. So today I've been working on a few DPM related scripts, the first one will actually update the spreadsheet for you.

    The second one is more or less a replacement for the calculator for file servers. This is my main focus at work, we don't manage an Exchange server, and the defaults work quite well for our small SQL installation. But I'm regularly working on the backups for the file server, and I thought it would be nice to have a script I could run that could give me more or less the same output as the calculator. I checked it against my current spreadsheet and my servers and the numbers were close enough for me. If you find any problems let me know in the Q&A section on the script page.