Confessions of a Microsoft Consultant

Daniel Oxley is an Infrastucture Consultant working for Microsoft Consulting Services in Madrid, Spain. He specialises, amongst other things, in large-scale deployments of Microsoft Windows using technologies such as BDD2007 and the Microsoft Deployment

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    This week I installed a new Windows Vista virtual machine in Hyper-V.  I installed the OS, added it to the domain, then realised that I had not added the integration services for the guest OS.  Launching the install for them gave me the following error message which I had not seen before. As...
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    Windows Vista is a pretty big install, and then when you add to it the install of Service Pack 1, it becomes even bigger.  So, once you have been running Service Pack 1 for a while, you can safely remove the uninstall files for the Service Pack.  Doing so should save you around 1Gb of disk...