Confessions of a Microsoft Consultant

Daniel Oxley is an Infrastucture Consultant working for Microsoft Consulting Services in Madrid, Spain. He specialises, amongst other things, in large-scale deployments of Microsoft Windows using technologies such as BDD2007 and the Microsoft Deployment

About Confessions of a Microsoft Consultant


About Confessions of a Microsoft Consultant

This blog contains tips, tricks, useful information and other musings written by me.   I can't guarantee that I will be able to post frequently but, whenever I have something to share, this will be the first place I will put it!  If you can add something that improves a post of mine, please contact me!


Who is this person who writes here?  Well, he's a 30-something British guy who has been living in Madrid, Spain since 2004 and works (obviously) at Microsoft as an Infrastructure Consultant.  He loves most things Spanish, particuarly the weather.  He likes food, beer (mmmmm, beer) and films (all at once if possible) and attempts to write coherent blog posts on a regular basis...

In his little spare time he tries to get out and ride his bike (downhill is preferred), go walking in the mountains (with as light a rucksack as possible) and ski (badly).


*** The opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and are not necessarily those of Microsoft.