2010 Logo We are happy to announce the availability of the Microsoft Project 2010  Beta Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Solution demo image.

Email proj2010@microsoft.com for download instructions.

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The EPM Solution demo provides a comprehensive overview of the new  and existing capabilities included in Microsoft Project Professional 2010 and Microsoft Project Server 2010. The demo follows the life of a software development project from inception through to completion.

At a high level the EPM Solution demo includes the following:

  • PPM Governance: Separate governance workflows for both major and minor projects
  • Demand Management:
    • Major Project business case includes general information, strategic impact, resource plan, cost and benefit templates and risk assessment survey
    • Minor project includes general information and schedule PDP
    • Includes custom workspaces for both Major and Minor projects
  • Portfolio Selection & Analytics
    • Business Driver Library
    • Saved Business Driver Prioritizations
    • Saved Portfolio Analysis to run both Cost Constraint and Resource Constraint Analysis
  • · Detailed Planning: During the detailed planning stages the project manager
    • Finalizes the project schedule
    • Finds and assigns named resources
    • Completes a secondary cost assessment
    • Baselines the plan
  • · Manage:
    • Team Member: Team member receives and updates tasks and completes timesheet
    • Project Manager: Receives and approves task and timesheet updates
    • BI: Demo includes Corporate, Departmental and Project Level reports

We will continue to enhance the demo and script prior to launch. Please provide feedback to proj2010@microsoft.com  and title “Demo feedback”