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March, 2011

  • SCCM PXE Network Boot Process

      Architecture detection using wdsnbp A SCCM PXE-Handshake with architecture detection uses an additional step. Before sending the final bootstrap file, the SCCM server sends out a bootstrap file which has an included architecture detection. The...
  • DHCP & PXE basics

      A DHCP Handshake runs through the following steps: DHCP The complete traffic runs on UDP User Datagram Protocol (OSI Layer 4) Discover · Client broadcast: asks for IP address · In the network trace you see a call from to
  • Coexistence of Altiris and SCCM PXE Servers Within The Same Network

      The question is: Is it possible to have an Altiris and an SCCM PXE server within the same network with the target to serve some clients with Altiris and others with SCCM? The answer is: Yes, but not easy. The problem is that both systems are sending...