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  • Blog Post: Sierra Wireless threatens the norms of Cell Phones

    BusinessWeek Online has a dispatch from the floor of ITU Telecom World  (where High-Volume Exchange got a plug in Bill Gates' keynote ) which includes this, which I thought was interesting: But with a bit of help from Intel and Microsoft, Sierra Wireless is taking a big leap into handsets...
  • Blog Post: HELLOMOTO

    Today, our second Exchange ActiveSync licensee announced their upcoming device with direct Exchange Server connectivity: Motorola and their upcoming A780 . Of course Motorola has several Windows Mobile devices (the now-shipping MPX 220 and upcoming MPx ) which, like all Windows Mobile devices, can also...
  • Blog Post: Cryptophone

    I ran across a pretty neat new application for the Pocket PC Phone Edition , which I carry and really like.  Cryptophone , a German company, has unveiled a "secure voice" application that runs on PPC Phones.  From reading their brochure , it looks like it's a special app that places...