The other interesting thing that's gone on in the lives of my wife KC and I is that we had a baby, Jared, almost 4 months ago.  I won't try to wax too poetic about what it's like to have a first child, there's a far wittier site about it than I could write.

We both have gone back to work, because, well, we both love work too much to quit.  So Jared has gone into day care.  We toured several day care centers and when we got to the one where he is at the moment, we knew it was the right place.  It costs 50% more than the others, but hey, if your kid isn't worth it, who is?  They seem to really care and take care of the children well, so I don't feel too bad about leaving him there.  To be honest they probably take better care of him than I would, if I were home all day with him.  

I play with him just about every morning after KC has fed him and she wants to go back to bed.  He wakes up around 4 or 5 am and I usually have him from 6 to 7 or so.  He is in a mighty smiley phase right now, which also makes it even more fun.