David Lemson's WebLog

Product Unit Manager, Exchange

September, 2003

  • Who is this guy?

    So I've decided to set up a blog.  Who knows if anyone will read it.  But at least it gives me a chance to collect links that I will find interesting.  My name is David Lemson, I'm a manager in the Exchange product group.  I've worked...
  • The ramblings of a PHB

    I'm trying to become a better people and product manager.  I think I'm OK now, but we can all stand to improve.  My manager has been suggesting books to me and I'm starting to actually read them.  The latest one I've read is Good to...
  • Not an Onion headline

    The Chicago Tribune (not the Onion ) reports: DES MOINES, Iowa -- Darden Restaurants Inc. Wednesday said it had replaced the head of Red Lobster, its biggest chain, after an all-you-can-eat crab promotion went awry.
  • Yay Mark Cuban

    Even if he has bad teeth
  • Life with Baby

    or, who is "Jared"?