The new MSI Utility has been announced (formally WiAVE); check out the product teams' blog here and for more information on client side application licensing see my blog entry here.

Using the MSI Utility we are now pre-caching the virtual application (plus a few other niceties) and it is now classed as 'installed' on the client computer; therefore, you need a license. If you distribute an application to 5,000 computers, you need 5,000 licenses.

To Compare:-

  • MSI Utility distribution
    You need a client license for every application deployed to every computer.
  • Streamed Applications
    You can make the application available on any machine without the need for a license. Once the user starts using the application, you need a license for it.

You should contact your product vendor for their specific licensing implications.

The new offline mode of the SoftGrid client means it won't be contacting a SoftGrid server for authentication, this also means that the SoftGrid server can't monitor the client and central license checking it not available.


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