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    Here is a summary of some of the key highlights for DevOps related content coming from Microsoft over the past month. This post is also associated with the new Edge Show episode 135 : Enhancements to Application Insights performance monitoring . Application Insights Support for multiple environment...
  • Blog Post: What does an IT Pro role look like in a new DevOps world?

    In a highly-functioning organization implementing DevOps principles what might and evolved role for IT Pros and Operations teams look like? In the 3 resources below, we answer this question in different ways and even more. Resource 1 : A short Edge Show episode good for starters which starts at 8...
  • Blog Post: DevOps behind the scenes

    It’s nice for us to talk about the theoretical of DevOps, but every once in awhile we really should go “behind the scenes” and chat with some actual customers whose companies are living out DevOps practices. This is exactly what I did in this panel interview at TechEd NA 2014. Watch it and get some real...