DevOps is a cultural evolution within an organization that is focused on people, process and the right tools to make your application lifecycle faster and more predictable.

Bringing people together in a collaborative fashion enables development and operations to work together more easily, share common goals, and focus on continuous experimentation to find new areas for improvement.

Organizations are looking for ways to streamline process efficiency and support feedback loops. All processes should be focused on delivering business value faster – keeping the flow of work focused on this. As organizations become better at delivering value, they should be implementing feedback loops to get requirements from the customer (internal and external), and to experiment continuously to find ways to improve their value delivery and get feedback.

DevOps should be considered a journey, not a destination. It should be implemented incrementally through appropriately scoped projects, from which to demonstrate success, learn, and evolve. Microsoft provides the tools and technology for you to deliver the value your business requires to support the adoption of DevOps.

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