I am blogging from Seattle, this week I am attending TechReady 6. It's an internal readiness event for all field employees around the world.

It's very cool to meet our peers and colleagues that we only have contact through e-mail during the year. It's also awesome to hang around with the guys that we have worked in other subsidiaries on our past assignments. As far as I can remember I've already met people from UK, Greece, Oman, Spain, US, Ireland, Poland.

This is so geeky ! Sometimes I catch myself speaking with my buddies and in 10 words, usually 8 are acronyms for some product, role or technology. I wonder that someone not technical would have a hard time to understand the conversation.

I will try to blog more about this during the week, However I cannot blog about the technical content itself since it's Microsoft Confidential. Anyway If I have something that worth sharing, I'll write here...

As usual we have a cold and wet Seattle this week...

Have a nice week!