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  • Le Cloud OS pour les Services Providers

    Plus que 7 semaines pour vous inscrire et venir nous retrouver à la Worldwide Partner Conference 2015 !

    Cette année la WPC se déroulera à Orlando, en Floride, du 12 au 16 Juillet 2015 . La WPC est un évènement unique sur le marché IT qui réunit plus de 15 000 partenaires provenant de 140 pays et qui offre...
  • Public Sector Blog Microsoft Deutschland

    Leben, lernen und lenken in der vernetzten Stadt – das Motto der diesjährigen Major Cities of Europe Conference in Hamburg

    Die Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg ist in diesem Jahr Ausrichterin der unter dem Motto „cITy 2020: Living, learning, leading in the connected city“ stehenden Major Cities of Europe Conference 2015 (, der...
  • 250 Hello

    Allow Users To Manage Distribution Groups Without Creating New Ones–Exchange 2013 Redux

    In a previous Exchange 2010 post we discussed a scenario where users were delegated the capability to create Mail Enabled Contacts in Active Directory using a custom Role Based Access Control ( RBAC ) role. As part of the solution, we enabled the MyDistributionGroups...
  • Inside Microsoft Research

    Baym updates 'Personal Connections' with new research insights on communicating in the digital age

    Posted by George Thomas Jr.

    Nancy Baym

    Whether technology will diminish the intimacy of interpersonal relationships or in some way negatively impact humanity is an age-old concern. Opinions on the matter are as robust as the technological leaps occurring ever more rapidly in our history.

    But opinion can't trump research. It's been just five years since Microsoft's Nancy Baym (@nancybaym) published her research on the subject in Personal Connections in the Digital Age, but much has changed since then -- not just technology, but how we use it -- leading Baym to build upon her initial research and publish a second edition of Personal Connections released this week.

    Tom Standage, digital editor of The Economist, says Baym's "brilliant book explodes myths and challenges stereotypes," and Sonia Livingstone of the London School of Economics and Political Science cites Baym's optimism, "showing how we may yet build new, perhaps better, personal connections in the digital age."

    In the following Q&A, Baym discusses what's new in the second edition, the predictability and unpredictability of technology and how we use it, and where her research is headed -- at least as far as she can predict.

  • Jens Trier Rasmussen

    Sample Call Quality Methodology Scorecard based on data from Call Quality Dashboard

    Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) provides a Web API for access to the report Structure and Analysis Cube Data. The Portal element of CQD is built using this API. At the Ignite 2015 conference in our Skype for Business: Server Vital Signs session I showed...
  • MicrosoftPresse

    Office 365 im Einsatz beim Startup evopark

    Ein weiterer Gewinner des #ModernBiz Wettbewerb, bei dem junge Unternehmen ein IT-Paket gewinnen konnten, ist das Kölner Unternehmen evopark. Hinter dem Startup steht ein passioniertes Team, das mit Innovationsgeist, Kreativität und Zielstrebigkeit...
  • Turkish Wiki Ninjas

    Microsoft Türkiye Blog Sayfaları Güncellendi

    Merhaba arkadaşlar, Microsoft tarafında ne gibi gelişmeler oluyor, güncel ürünler ve etkinlikler nelerdir ve en güncel sektör haberlerin yayınlandığı Microsoft Türkiye Blog sayfaları yeni arayüzü ile hizmet vermeye...
  • GD Bloggers

    Copying data from one SQL server table to another SQL Server table

    Hi Readers, I had a requirement where I had to copy data from one SQL Server located in U.S. (Source Server) to SQL Server located in India (Destination Server). The copy has to be triggered when data is inserted at Source Server table. I encountered...
  • IT プロフェッショナルのみなさまへ

    de:code 新聞 #3 発行しました

    二日間に渡って開催された「de:code 2015」が閉幕しました。 長時間のセッションにご参加されたみなさま、本当にお疲れ様でした。 いち早くde:code 2015のセッションレポートを、de:code 新聞 3号の夕刊にてお届け致します。 ぜひご一読ください。 来年もご期待ください。
  • The Mobility Guys

    Part 2: Setup and Configure the On-Orem Identity infrastructure (in Microsoft Azure)

    This blog post consist of two parts. Part 2a: Preparing Windows Azure for IaaS Part 2b: Setup and Configure AD, DNS, CA and ADFS Part 2a: Preparing Windows Azure for IaaS This section describes how to prepare Windows Azure environment...
  • On The Wire

    HTTP Flood Mitigation causing slow Exchange Mailbox Migrations to Office 365

    It's been a while since I've updated this blog as I've been busy rolling out content internally in Microsoft to help our customers connect to our cloud services. I do have some new tips around checking routing and ISP performance that I'll...
  • Microsoft US Partner Team

    SMB Partner Insider calls for East, Central, and West Regions on Friday, June 12

    Join the Microsoft US SMB team for the SMB Partner Insider calls. These monthly calls are on the second Friday of each month for all three US regions—East, Central, and West. Each month, your Microsoft Regional General Manager and Regional Account team...
  • The Official Operations Manager Team Blog

    Operations Manager Customer Feedback Survey ends this Friday (29th May)

    The last date for the Operations manager customer feedback survey is 29th May. Please take some time to offer your feedback. Your feedback is very important to us. If you have any problems responding to the survey, please feel free to send me an email...
  • System Center Unlimited

    Operations Manager Customer Feedback Survey ends this Friday (29th May)

    The last date for the Operations manager customer feedback survey is 29th May. Please take some time to offer your feedback. Your feedback is very important to us. If you have any problems responding to the survey, please feel free to send me an email...
  • Поддержка Project Server по-русски

    Отчет о работе службы очередей Project Server 2013

    Часто перед администраторами Project Server стоит задача журналирования работы службы очередей. В 2013 версии эта задача может быть решена довольно просто - в 2 шага: 1. Настройка службы SharePoint Usage and Health Data Collection - https://technet...
  • Поддержка Project Server по-русски

    Project 2016 Preview

    Совсем недавно стали доступны для загрузки и тестирования Project 2016 Preview и другие компоненты Office 2016 - . Ссылки для загрузки: 32-bit -
  • Поддержка Project Server по-русски

    Обновления для Project Server за май 2015

    Стали доступны для загрузки публичные обновления за май 2015 года. Project Server 2013 Rollup - . Версия базы прежняя - 15.0.4699.1000. Project Pro 2013 -
  • The Mobility Guys

    Part 1: Register, Obtain and Setup all Prerequisites for the Build Your Own Enterprise Mobility Lab

    To successfully complete all labs, you must first prepare the items below, this blog post leads you through this process. Obtain a public domain name - that has not been previously used with Office 365 or Azure Active Directory. Request an...
  • System Center PFE Russia Blog

    Построение отчетов для Configuration Manager 2012 в SQL Server Reporting Services

    Довольно часто я слышу вопросы о том, как построить отчет с помощью Report Builder и Reporting Services. Тем, кто только начинает работать с ConfigMgr 2012 или переходит с 2007-й версии, поначалу тяжело и непривычно работать с новым инструментом построения...
  • Новости Русского TechNet

    Все подробности о Windows Server vNext на Microsoft TechDay 2015 // 10 июня

    Друзья, приглашаем вас принять участие в Microsoft TechDay — мероприятии, которое предназначено для технического сообщества и которое создается силами технического сообщества. Вас ждет интересный и глубокий технологический контент. В этот раз...
  • Microsoft on the Issues Africa

    SHE Codes for Change equipping Tanzanian women with skills for innovation and social change.

    "In Tanzania the gender gap in STEM subjects is still very wide with females lagging far behind males." SHE Codes for Change, a Tanzanian tech mentorship project aims to close the gender gap in the technology sector by educating, inspiring and...
  • Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog

    PowerShell Time Sync: Get and Evaluate Synchronization State

    Guest blogger, Rudolf Vesely, shows how to evaluate time synchronization.

  • Exchange ブログ JAPAN

    Ignite 2015 の Exchange 情報

    (この記事は 2015 年 5 月 12 日に Office Blogs に投稿された記事 Exchange @ Ignite 2015 の翻訳です。最新情報については、翻訳元の記事をご参照ください。) 先週開催された Microsoft Ignite (英語) には、Exchange および Office 365 をお使いの多くのお客様にお越しいただきました。Exchange に関するさまざまな発表や新コンテンツの公開が行われたほか、コミュニティの皆様にとって改めて交流を深める場にもなったことと思います...
  • Partnerbloggen

    Få teknologien du trenger, når du trenger det, med Payment Solutions!

    Selskaper står ovenfor et økende valg når det gjelder å kjøpe ny teknologi: bruker de kontanter og betaler på forhånd, eller administrerer de kontantene mer strategisk ved å bruke fleksible betalingsalternativer...
  • Офисное пространство

    2 июня - онлайн ток-шоу Modern Workplace: Маркетинг в мире цифровых технологий

    Нынешнее многообразие цифровых и социальных инструментов, передовая аналитика и потребители, умело пользующиеся Интернетом, создают принципиально новую среду для маркетологов. Присоединяйтесь к нам 2 июня, и мы обсудим, как директор по стратегическому маркетингу может преуспеть в этом новом мире и сыграть ключевую роль в преобразовании бизнеса.

    Зарегистрируйтесь для участия в прямом эфире!