Today is Patch Tuesday for June, 2007.


All of the SMS scan tool catalogs are now live, and available to sync.


 I strongly encourage you to to review the security bulletins located at ( )


I also encourage everyone to register for and attend the TechNet Webcast about this month's security updates. (


This webcast provides detailed info about each bulletin and allows you to ask questions, to be answered by a panel of experts including yours truly. :-)



SMS Scan Tool Support:


·         ITMU – All updates

·         SUIT (MBSA 1.2 Based) – 4/5 of the Windows Updates

·         EST – For OE Update

·         ODT – For Visio and CMS re-release.



One final note: In the past, you may have received info like the above via Bryan Keller's Blog (


Bryan is still with us, but has moved on to other projects and I have taken over the "Patch Tuesday" process for the SMS team.