I am on the Windows Vista Parental controls team, working on the next version of windows and specifically the parental controls aspects of it. I worked on the web filter, and many other aspects of the system from the control panel up.

February, 2007

  • Parental Controls used by everyone

    Looks like Bill Gates is using parental controls for his children these days, nice to see that people within the company are buying off and using the technology as well. We have had a surprisingly small amount of negative press on the parental controls...
  • A tale of Two Cockies

    This is a nifty site with an interesting story .
  • Parental Controls and Press Coverage

    We have had a lot of good press coverage from Parental Controls over the past few days, which has been great. Bill Gates and various other people have been pressing it as one of the main reasons to upgrade to Vista, I think it is a very good reason to...
  • Making a Game marked as run in Parental Controls

    For a game to show up in Parental Controls as being run a few things need to happen. First the game must have a GDF file so it will be properly registered with the Game Explorer. Once the game is correctly registered with the Game Explorer it will show...