I never knew my home town was such a hot bed of spamming, perhaps the people thought it was so out of the way that no one would notice they were spamming everyone?

Sydney Morning Herald article

At least it looks like the fedral government is cracking down more on spammers, although it will probably just mean they move to another country somewhere else and continue onwards.  I still get spam mail directed at my old university account that I have not used in many a year, the only mail I get to it these days is spam mail (pretty much anyway).  I have watched my inbox grow over the years, I remember when the first major spamming happened on usenet with the Canter and Siegel people advertising about the green card lottery.   To the first spams I started to get in my email, to the time just recently where I was getting 60 messages a day, after some filtering, and still all but 1 or 2 were spam.  We just put in better spam blocking at the mail server I use and this has cut down on the spam, but for how long?  Not sure there ever will be a good solution to this problem, but we can only hope.