Interesting article here... which talks about how with some of the security features in Vista us Microsofties might not be allowed to have Admin privileges on our work machines.  It's quite interesting - I can never work out if the Microsoft way of letting everyone be a local admin is something which other large organisations do - either through choice or through something that they are compelled to do through what they see as certain limitations in the product that force them to.

It is quite interesting to be put into the position of many of our users, with what they see as power being taken away from them - maybe desktops being locked down more in a normal environment.  And after the initial shock, it has to be said that it is a good thing.  The important way to think about things is what do I actually NEED to be able to do that will require admin privileges in Vista?    It's just the principle of least privilege being pointed right back at us!  And ultimately, my laptop is the property of Microsoft, and we talk loads about how important security policies are, rather than just technology solutions, so if the security policy at Microsoft says that I can't run as admin, then I need to accept that if I want to use their equipment. 

But just wait until I can't install that game ;-)  Oh wait, it's Microsoft's laptop :-))