VHDMOUNT without Virtual Server

VHDMOUNT without Virtual Server

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Just in case you quite fancy being able to mount (and unmount) a single file into your file sytstem and use it as a disk drive, but do NOT want to install Virtual Server 2005 R2.

Download the setup file for Virtual Sevrer R2 SP1 Beta 2 and follow these instructions (from the release notes):

Installing VHD Mount

VHD Mount components are installed as part of Virtual Server default installation at \Program Files\Microsoft Virtual Server\VHDMount. To install only the VHD Mount components, use the Custom option in the Virtual Server installer and clear all components except VHD Mount.

To perform an unattended installation of the VHD Mount components

  1. Extract Virtual Server 2005 Install.msi from Setup.exe by typing the following command:setup.exe /c /t <drive letter>:\<path to the .msi file>For example, to extract "Virtual Server 2005 Install.msi" to c:\SetupFiles, type:setup.exe /c /t c:\SetupFiles

  2. Start an unattended installation of VHD Mount by typing the following command:msiexec /i "Virtual Server 2005 Install.msi" /qn ADDLOCAL=VHDMount


VHDMount is case sensitive.

Big word of warning (thanks to Vern).  If you already have Virtual Server installed, performing the above will mess up your installation.  You have to upgrade the entire Virtual Server install.


  • It might be worth mentioning that if you already have VirtServ installed this procedure will mess up that installation...

    At least, it did for me.

    I went ahead and installed the entire beta, but I would have rather just had the VHDMount...

  • Wow - Sorry Vern.  I've updated my postto include your feedback.



  • Gee what a name. The Release Candidate build of Virtual Server R2 SP1 is now available Before anyone

  • Hola Ni que decir tiene que los VHDs son el máximo exponente de una máquina virtual. Pero no solo eso,

  • Såg en blog skriven av Dave Northey där han förklarar hur man installerar VHDMount funktionen utan...

  • This worked for me. After re-installing Vista (Shock !) , the installation seems o.k. , but VHDMount fails because it cannot find a DLL of the same name. Not surprising, it is nowhere om disk. No mention of it in the install log. Is there a way to extract CHDMount.dd from the msi file ?

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