In case you haven't already seen these, here are a few recent articles from SQL Server Magazine. The first one is a short but sweet tip on reviewing partitions. Find Out What's Going on Inside Your Partitions. I'm going to ask one of our PMs to download the code snippet and test it out.

The second item, Configuring SQL Server 2008's Resource Governor, is a lengthier lesson on using Resource Governor in SQL Server 2008 to allocate CPU and memory to different resource pools and workload groups. Greg Low, the author, explains the clear advantages of Resource Governor for data warehousing while pointing out a few of the situations where it is not useful, such as OLTP apps. (Unless, heaven forbid, you're running your OLTP database and DW on the same box.)

7 Steps for Successful Data Warehouse Projects is a high-level DW 101 that emphasizes taking the long view from a project management perspective. The author, Michelle A. Poolet, breaks the task into three big chunks -  a track each for Technology, Data, and Application Layer. Some good caveats included.

If you want to go to the next level - beyond the Gantt chart, actually diving into code - I recommend looking at The Microsoft Data Warehouse Toolkit (ISBN-10: 0471267155), which goes another level deeper and is actually used as a textbook at some schools. Can't wait for the next edition focusing on SQL Server 2008 DW enhancements.