Since it has been a while, some items have accumulated...


Marketing stuff:

  • We recently refreshed the Project Madison home page and tweaked the other data warehousing pages to help people navigate through them. Check out the brand-new Project "Madison" data sheet. I would be interested to get your feedback and questions.
  • A related webinar is coming up: TechNet Webcast: SQL Server Data Warehousing Road Map: Build, Manage, Deliver, and Grow (Level 300). We hope that this answers some  questions around moving your existing environment onto SQL Server 2008 Enterprise and a Fast Track reference config.

Product stuff:

  • We are on track to release the first private technology preview for Project “Madison” in the second half of this year. A select group of customers will deploy a prototype MPP data warehouse on Madison. These previews are different from typical CTPs due to the unique nature of the solution.
  • I rediscovered a couple of short videos on data warehousing.
    • One was specific to the enhancements in SQL Server 2008, with Eric Hanson, our principal program manager. You can find it on MSDN Channel9. (opens in new window) Eric also recently put together a series of brief (3-5 minute) demos that we will post to Channel9 soon. I will post a note when they're available.
    • A second video from a third party was an introduction to DW on SQL Server and Analysis Services on TechTarget's SearchSQLServer site. This is a 100-level intro to DW that delves into Analysis Services. (opens in a new window)

Finally, thanks to the customers who dedicated people and $$ to attend Tech Ed in Los Angeles last week. We were elated to talk to some customers who are really taking advantage of the major DW features in Enterprise, particularly Data Compression and Resource Governor. One happy VP of IT had discovered that data compression not only reduced disk space, but in many cases it resulted in huge performance improvements because working data sets could often fit entirely in memory - reducing disk IO.