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  • Blog Post: Facts About SharePoint You Never Knew - Podcast

    I did a podcast series today on the way to Omaha.  I called it Facts About SharePoint You Never Knew.  It turned out to be a 7 part series.  I started with this introduction.  I had to put video on it in order to host it via Silverlight Streaming.  I'm not sure that's a requirement...
  • Blog Post: Podcast Updated...

    I got the rest of my podcasts in the "Features in SharePoint You Never Knew Existed" series uploaded.  I haven't yet gotten all the links up on the side of my blog, but one thing at a time, right?   Here's a link to all of them:
  • Blog Post: Podcast Series

    SharePoint Features You Never Knew Existed (7 Parts) 1. Introduction 2. Blogs 3. Wikis 4. My Sites 5. Document Libraries 6. Connect to Outlook 7. Slide Libraries