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  • Blog Post: Wave14Launch

    Right-Click Save As to download Day In The Life Demo 1 ... DayInTheLifeDemo1Final.wmv Day In The Life Demo 2 ... DayInTheLifeDemo2Final.wmv Day In The Life Demo...
  • Blog Post: TechNet Subscription Discount Code

    TechNet Subscription Discount Code TNITQ405 - through 10/31/2010 Get a NEW TechNet Plus Subscription with Windows 7 now and save 25%. With the Subscription, you can evaluate over 70 full-version Microsoft software titles like Windows 7 without time or feature limits. This offer is only for NEW...
  • Blog Post: NorthEastUSUserGroupMap

    Boston User Groups site Click icon below show user group location on map. Note, locations are subject to change, so always consult the user group web site for venue information.
  • Blog Post: Launch Wave 14 Event Resources

    Dan’s TecheNet Event Resources April-June 2010 GO HERE FIRST: You can find this resource document online (and with live hyperlinks) at: 25%-OFF Special TechNet Plus Subscription Promotion – Yes, save nearly $100 off of a new TechNet Plus Direct...
  • Blog Post: Installing PHP on Windows Server 2008 x64 Web Edition with IIS 7 Using FastCGI and SQL Server 2008 x64 Web Edition

    Complete Details with screen casts coming SOON - By Feb 13, 2009
  • Blog Post: Dan Stolts Event Resources

    This page is reserved for content delivered at recent events where I was the speaker. You can download the content or link to it from your blog or website. TechNet Events Presents TechNet Unleashed Game On Tour! <<- Registration Links Resource Handout and Slides from FY 10 Q1 Flex Events...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Community Leaders Ready To Help With Community Activity And Training Opportunities

    Microsoft IT Pro Evangelists are ready to help. With the many staffing changes over the last 8 months or so Microsoft has increased the number of "Community Leaders" in the IT Pro Space. As little as a year ago there was only one person for the entire east coast of the United States. Now there are four...
  • Blog Post: TechNet Subscription Intro and Discount

    Go to the TechNet Subscription Center and use the code TMSAM15 to get your savings. As many of you know I present at TechNet and other live events around the country (mostly in the northeast). I've found that many of you already have a TechNet subscription and it has become your best friend. However...