In this detailed post and hands on lab (HOL) guide we will introduce Windows Azure backup and dive in deep with step-by-step instructions you can use to schedule a backup, perform a manual backup of your server and perform a test restore.The post assumes only that you have a server that you want to backup to Windows Azure.If you do not already have a LiveID/Microsoft Account and Windows Azure account, you can create them with the instructions in the prerequisites which will take about 20 mins.The remainder of the steps (including creating the self-signed certificate) will take less than 40 mins to complete.If you find this guide/post helpful please tweet… Tweet: Checkout @ITProGuru Backup Windows Server Using Windows Azure Backup Step-By-Step What is Windows Azure Backup? Windows Azure Backup helps protect server data against loss and corruption by enabling backup to offsite cloud storage in Windows Azure . It provides a consistent experience configuring, monitoring, and recovering backups across local disk and cloud storage, integrating with the in-box backup program in Microsoft Windows Server or System Center Data Protection Manager. Windows more