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Microsoft Mouse Mischief – This is Cool!

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Microsoft Mouse Mischief – This is Cool!

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I will try this out as well.  Want to play games at my next user group presentation?  Bring it on!


TITLE:  Engage Your Students with Lessons They can Click

For some time now, Microsoft has been involved in an ongoing dialogue with educators, students, and others in the education space to explore how we can best provide experiences with technology that will engage classrooms and enhance learning experiences.   We’ve seen that everywhere, students are excited about the use of technology in the classroom, and engagement and participation increases when they have access to it.

But, a common response from teachers has been that not enough students can engage directly with technology.  Many classrooms—especially those without the resources or budget—can’t give all students the opportunity to engage directly with technology.  Additionally, we discovered that many teachers already use and love PowerPoint, but it made students passive observers—they needed to be active participants.

To help address these issues, Microsoft is announcing the release of Mouse Mischief—a solution that lets teachers create interactive presentations making classroom learning engaging.  Mouse Mischief integrates with PowerPoint, allowing teachers to create multiple-choice, matching and drawing question slides that students, each with their own computer mouse, can answer on a shared screen.   It’s available today to download free of charge—find it at the Mouse Mischief website.

There’s a wide variety of benefits we’ve seen to using Mouse Mischief in the classroom. The availability and low cost of mice makes Mouse Mischief a cost-effective solution, especially for tight classroom budgets.   With Mouse Mischief, there’s no need to for teachers to learn a new application – the seamless PowerPoint integration lets teachers use technology they’re already comfortable with.  Mouse Mischief can involve shy or non-participative children—we’ve seen students who would never participate in class turn into the class’ biggest contributors  And in many classrooms, we’ve noticed that students don’t have to feel insecure or ‘on stage’ when answering questions: with Mischief, if they get an answer right, they receive positive feedback, if wrong, they can fix it without humiliation

Finally, Mouse Mischief allows educators to share their own lessons and learn from others. Through the Mouse Mischief community page we have created on, teachers can easily distribute and explore Mouse Mischief presentations.  This can create a global social network of sharing and learning for educators around the world, giving educators access to best practices and new curriculum ideas.

You can learn more about Mouse Mischief at our online and social media sites:

Mouse Mischief Languages

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Arabic
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • German
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Thai
  • Turkish
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  • Im trying to find vba code samples for mouse mischief. How can i find them? Its for an important project.

    -- Dan


    However, I do not think the code is available.