There’s been some commentary the past couple of days regarding a potential Windows Vista virus as posted by the Register: Hasta la Vista, baby.

Virus writers created 5 proof of concept viruses targeting the scripting language MSH (codenamed 'Monad') and it was uncertain if the new scripting tool would ship as part of Windows Vista or was shipped with the Windows Vista Beta 1. I already felt a headache developing; people concerned and/or pointing that Windows Vista is not secure, etc.


Well, I think Vista will be secure and now Microsoft has confirmed that Monad will not ship as part of the next version of its operating system, Windows Vista (headache is suddenly partially gone). Phew.

In the Security Response Centre's blog Stephen Toulouse, a program manager in a posting said: “Monad is not included in the beta release of Windows Vista or in Windows Server 2003 R2. Monad will not be included in the final version of Windows Vista and there is no relation between Monad and Windows Vista Beta 1.”

In the Windows Server Division WebLog there’s also a posting about this subject stating Monad is not planned to be in the release of Longhorn Server at this time.

The Register also released an article “Microsoft quells Vista virus concerns” to address this matter and ends it with the following line: "These, it's now clear, are not Windows Vista viruses but MSH viruses."


For all you folks out there being critical (like me) and thinking: Yeah, right! Monad is pulled from Windows Vista due to the virus story here is another post by Stephen Toulouse clarifying this is not the case. 

Finnaly, I would like to point you to the post on Kevin Remde's WebLog called Vista Shmista. It basically has the same info but the animation with his post is super funny (headache totally gone, it’s a bright sunny day).


Vista Fever, Daniel