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I’m a Messaging consultant working for Microsoft Consultancy Services in the UK. Find out about all the latest technology, news, tips and tricks in the world of messaging and much more!

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  • Blog Post: Office 365 and Autodiscover

    **This blog is based on Exchange 2010 SP1 and not using the Hybrid configuration wizard e.g. SP2** I’ve had a few customers in the last few weeks ask me how autodiscover works for Office 365 so thought i’d write a post to try and help! (please see my other post for the namespaces required...
  • Blog Post: Planning Mailbox Quotas – Part I

    When planning for storage it’s a good idea to categorise users into quota limits so you can plan your storage requirements. This calculation should be done in the High Level Design phase to allow your customer to purchase the hardware. An example of how quota limits might be categorised are shown below...
  • Blog Post: Exchange 2010 Q&A

    Hi   please Join me at this event to talk about Exchange 2010, you can register here
  • Blog Post: Outlook 2003 consolidated information

    Running Outlook in Online mode · Running Outlook in Online Mode moves the IO burden from the client to the server and doesn't address the disconnected laptop scenario. Network impact and ability to optimize the client · Cached Exchange Mode provides intelligent use of bandwidth. This functionality...
  • Blog Post: Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server Capacity Planning Tool

    Take a look at the PFE 2010 capacity planning tool to ensure you  have correct capacity (memory and CPU) by specifying your PFE protection settings   It can be downloaded here   Written by Daniel Kenyon-Smith
  • Blog Post: CCR or Stretched CCR?

    Having spoke with a few customers about whether a local CCR and SCR is the best solution or a stretched CCR across 2 data centres I thought I'd write a post. There is no right and wrong answer to that question, in typical consulting style 'it depends'. There are various factors to take into consideration...