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I’m a Messaging consultant working for Microsoft Consultancy Services in the UK. Find out about all the latest technology, news, tips and tricks in the world of messaging and much more!

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    Check out the WindowsITPro ‘ Guide to Migrating Public Folders to SharePoint’ well worth a read Written By Daniel Kenyon-Smith
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    Hi   please Join me at this event to talk about Exchange 2010, you can register here
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    This is the process i followed to installed Exchange 2010 SP1 in hosting mode 1. Run the following command: setup /prepareschema /hosting 2. Run setup /prepareAD /organizationName:EXCHANGE /hosting 3. To install individual server roles run:-   a. Run setup /mode:install /roles:HT /hosting /InstallWindowsComponent...
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      ServerManagerCmd is deprecated in R2 (we are trying to move away from that model although it still works) See   (The new command is now Add-WindowsFeature) Written by Daniel Kenyon-Smith
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    Take a look at the video from our lead Program Manager (Exchange product team) about the next release of Exchange called code name E14. This is the 1 st version of Exchange that been written for Software as a Service SaS . At Microsoft we run we our own software in a dogfood environment to allow...
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    Whilst working for a customer they had a specific requirement to apply a disclaimer to all outbound mail e.g. not to apply disclaimers to mail sent to other users within the Exchange organisation. Their requirement also included to only apply the disclaimer if it had not already been applied (or where...