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I’m a Messaging consultant working for Microsoft Consultancy Services in the UK. Find out about all the latest technology, news, tips and tricks in the world of messaging and much more!

February, 2009

  • Mini Series - Improve User Experience II

    Initiate a Chat Session from Within Groove by Using Office Communicator When you are running Microsoft Office Groove 2007 and Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 or 2005, you can view the awareness states (such as online, busy, or away) of your Communicator...
  • Mini Series - Improve User Experience

    Whilst hard at work I've been finding a few little tips and tricks using word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007 to help improve my user experience! So I thought why not create a mini series and blog about the features that are helping me on a daily basis. I...
  • Single Label Domain (SLD)

    I have recently spoken with customers who have a single label domain and have asked the question whether the next version of Exchange will be supported. It's still a recommendation to move from a SLD, but we do support it, see for more details - http...
  • Planning Tool for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2

    Take a look at the new planning tool for R2 - Written by Daniel Kenyon-Smith
  • 7 demos in 7 minutes on Windows 7

    If you're evaluating Windows 7 and need show off some of it's great new features to management, here is a short and sweet set of WOW factors you can demo in 7 minutes so you get the biggest impact in a short space of time:- Pin your apps to start menu...
  • Windows 7 Shortcut Keys...tell all your friends

    Here is a list of some shortcut keys in Windows 7:- Shortcut Key Action Win+Left Arrow and Win+Right Arrow Dock / Undock Win+Up Arrow and Win+Down Arrow Maximizes and restores / minimizes...
  • PowerShell installation Windows 2008

    Before you install Exchange 2007 SP1 onto a Windows 2008 server you'll need ensure that prerequisites are installed, by default .NET Framework 2.0 and Microsoft Management Console (MMC) will be installed but you'll need to install Windows PowerShell....
  • Time is running out!

    Quick time is running out before we close the customer preview program for new registrations, so if you want to try windows 7 Beta you better get going Windows 7 Beta Customer Preview Program Written by Daniel Kenyon-Smith
  • Outlook Click to Call

    This cool little tool is an Internet Explorer add-on that allows for clickable links for OCS Outlook Click to Call Written by Daniel Kenyon-Smith
  • Windows 7 and IE 8 browsing session

    Having just started to use windows 7, which comes with IE 8 pre-installed, I like to use the tab feature.  With windows 7 you need to select IE 8 will then open the tabs you had in your last session   Written Daniel Kenyon-Smith