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Who you gonna call (well actually....where you gonna type).......TechNet Forums

Who you gonna call (well actually....where you gonna type).......TechNet Forums

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Ok so the Ghostbuster theme was inspired from Steve's A-team reference when he wrote about the forums. TechNet Forums are a free online resource - all you need is a Windows LiveID and then you can post any queries you have, or if you are feelign generous then you can can other people's problems. Quite often Microsoft folk frequent the Forums and answer as many threads as possible

As Steve points out, these aren't always well known about but judging by the Forum stats, someone knows about them:

Forum Statistics
  116,224 threads and 437,834 posts have been posted.

Total Number of Microsoft Forums Users: 979,316 

In the past 24 hours, we have 339 new thread(s), and 1,392 new post(s).

In the past 3 days, the most popular thread for everyone has been "List Tables in a database". Our members have mostly viewed the thread titled "Notification Service Tutorial". The most posts were made to "How can I use Audit and ROw co...".


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  • So when are they going to make an off-line read for the forums? Right now, it is hard to use due to the continual movement forum messages up and down the list, only showing those that are active on the first page vs though that are posted at the “wrong” time of day?

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