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TechEd IT Forum - who should get the swag?

TechEd IT Forum - who should get the swag?

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I went around the booths at IT Forum and collected giveaways, including:

1) SQL Server T-shirt
2) TechNet Edge T-shirt
3) Microsoft Forefront mousemat
4) Scripting Guy book
5) Tool kit/tape measure thingy
6) A few more bits

I will bundle it up and it will all to go the person who posts the best comment on why they should have it :) 

  • I should, because I've never been and won't ever be able to go!

  • Schwag! Schwag! We don't need no Schwag!

  • ...because I will auction it to other IT geeks in the office for Children in Need.

  • Swag is always best when you don't have to sign up to some daft mailing list to get a free baggy.

    If donated to me I will wear one of said t-shirts to my next Microsoft Seminar up here in Edinburgh :-)

  • I would dearly like just a T-Shirt as I work with a bunch of Linux techheads, and it would be really great to proudly wear something all day in the office with Microsoft on it! You know the usual kill bill T-shirts are around and oh are you updating again comments, better give it a restart then ETC ETC

    I brought a load of Microsoft pens from the last computer show just to nark them, so I think I have earned it!

  • ..because I've just got back from working in Houston, so the T-shirts will help keep me warm. Next time I'm back, I can show off what great freebies we get in the UK.

  • It would solve all of my Christmas-Present-buying dilemmas. ;)

  • Some of us are so busy making this stuff work that the bosses won't allow us to grab the swag.  i.e. they are the swans head and we are the webbed feet frantically paddling below them!

  • Me as I have nothing clean in the wardrobe to wear.

  • Give the gear to me and I promise to never contact you again!

  • In light of the fact that it is nearly that season of the year when people give gifts to others. I feel that the recipient of the magnificent gift, mere words cannot fully express just how magnificent it is, should be someone who fully deserves such a superb offering from TechNet. I humbly, and in all reverence, hesitate to suggest that this should be me. To quote "I am not worthy". However I would ask that you overlook this fact, and in your expert opinion feel that I should be the recipient of this superb gift.

  • Me again, I realised I never gave you the means to contact me in my last post.  There is no email address on the URL I posted but, hey, youre microsoft...I'm sure you can figure it out.

    P.S. Make sure the T-Shirts are size Large!  I'm a big guy!

  • I should get the swag as everytime I sign up for MS event I have to cancel as my organises important meetings!

  • i should get them cos i'm sad and lonely (awww) and desperately need cheering up - and a SQL Server T-Shirt is just the thing to do it!

  • How better to raise the next generation of Microsoft proponents than by donating your swag collection to a Microsoft focused father of four?

    If I receive the swag you can look forward to a great family photo of us in Microsoft clothing - a marketing and PR dream (even if the children are only 6, 3, 1 and 0 years old).

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