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TechNet Plus Subscription - to be or not to be. That is the question!

TechNet Plus Subscription - to be or not to be. That is the question!

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You may or may not be aware that TechNet Plus has been in circulation for over ten years and in that time we’ve distributed in excess of 100,000 DVD and online subscriptions , however, you guys are telling us that even though it’s now available online, its just not hitting the mark so my question to you is - should we keep it as part of the TechNet programme or discontinue it? 

I want to know if it is important to you or just a waste of DVD and web space!  Let me know you thoughts.

  • Well i think the DVD is just a waste, but the software download is very valuable. and come in handy to me several times in the past months.

  • I'd keep it!

    I'm an online subscriber and i'm very pleased with it

    If i had the choice i'd get sent the library DVDs in the post but everything else for download only

  • I have been a subscriber for the last 7 years and finds the DVD's a waste. At least the last 3 years.

    I live in Europa and that means we are getting all the different language versions. Usually I throw out 90% of the discs, because they are on a lanuage, I don't understand.

    Please keep the online version and send a feed when it is updated. We, the company I work for, are downloading software every week.

  • Also if its just not hitting the mark... What needs to change?

    I'm working on future plans & would love to incorporate your feedback!


    Kathy Dixon

    TechNet Plus Product Planner

  • In times of crisis such as Disaster Recovery the DVD's are a good resource and backup when you don't have access to the Internet, maybe thats the way to go with them, make them more informative for Disaster Recovery with patches, fixes, quick start and gotchas etc

  • I value both. The DVDs are useful for both DR and when you don't have access to decent bandwidth to the internet.



  • I find my Technet Plus subscription incredibly useful. I am a download only subscriber and value the access to evaluation and beta software highly. It enables me to stay abreast with new developments in the areas I find interesting.

    If the DVD/CD option were discontinued I would not mind, but please keep the online/download option.

  • Forgot to mention if the Security patches were in Operating System order, it would be easier to run a script to install them on newly built PCs, instead of spending time waiting for them to download from

  • I'm a recent subscriber and receive the DVD's and i find them invaluable as I don't always have access to the net with a decent speed to download. and some of our remote sites have no connection at all.  So, whilst I could agree the option for DVD's could be phased out, I would sorely miss the  download option!

  • I would suggest that Technet plus is one of the most useful things we have access to; like a lot of things, we would miss it if it were gone. I don't use on a daily basis, but certainly 2-3 times a week minimum.

    The disks can sometimes be an issue; finding certain items can be a chore, even with the index. (Occasionally they fail to turn up in the post!)

    The search function on the web site can be a pain; it often returns items that are only very barely related to the query. This is probably my biggest single gripe.

    Definitely want to see Technet Plus stay and grow.

  • Keep both.  Sometimes you don't have good connection to Internet: need disk.  Other times you don't have disk: need download.


    - John

  • Wouldn't want to live without my TechNet DVDs - especially while we're stuck with a slow leased line.

  • Please don't take this away. I am always in need of key software on DVD when I have no access to the Internet or its too slow for my liking. Generally when I need something, I need it immediately. Hence I didnt go for the download only subscription.

    I also like the fact that it is no longer time bombed. This is a very useful offer from MS and I would be very annoyed if it were removed.

    For those that believe its not hitting the mark or whatever, let them go pound sand.



  • Keep both please.

    When bandwidth is unavailable or small, the DVDs are indispensable. I don't use the download unless I can't find the DVD. It's my first choice.

    After all, if I have to download I will generally then have to burn a CD anyway - where's the gain?


  • I'd say it's good value, but I would drop the DVD option if you had to save time and effort. I download and make my own DVDs for the stuff I need that way.

    What would propose to replace it with?

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