If you IM with someone, but wish you could be translated into their native language as you type, theres an answer.

Include mtbot@hotmail.com in your buddy list, and add it to your conversation to translate..give it a try!

Hints: Once you've started, if you need to stop or change, type tbot? to get the menu back..ie:



TBot [12:56 PM]:

 Welcome back, Your current language pair is: ENGLISH > CHINESE SIMPLIFIED

You may now invite someone else. Or just tell me what you want me to translate for you. (Disclaimer _http://help.live.com/help.aspx?project=tou)

Craig Swartz [12:56 PM]:


TBot [12:56 PM]:

 Here are all the commands I understand:

1 TBot lang - Show the current language pair

2 TBot change - Select translation languages

3 TBot stop - Stop translations

4 TBot start - Start translations again

5 TBot set - Set your preferred language

6 TBot ? - Show this list of commands

See also: _http://translator.live.com

Craig Swartz [12:57 PM]:


TBot [12:57 PM]:

 Ok. No translations until you type TBot start.


Here is the language list:

TBot [12:59 PM]:

 Your current language pair is: ENGLISH > CHINESE SIMPLIFIED

Please select your source language

1 Arabic

2 Chinese Simplified

3 Chinese Traditional

4 Dutch

5 English

6 French

7 German

8 Italian

9 Japanese

10 Korean

11 Portuguese

12 Spanish