Hi. Sorry its been awhile. Two weeks of technical conferences plus 2 weeks vacation equals a month to catch up..

SO..The night before the Halo launch I attended the pre launch developer event in Mountain View. There was a buffet and Madden gaming downstairs, the xbox hardware team was upstairs answering questions, and showing off the components. Next door there was a Halo3 tournament with many 7 tables of 3 plasmas each as well as 2 projection tv xboxes set up. The winning 2 teams of 4 received Halo3 limited edition. There were 3 teams pretty much smoking everyone (50-15 and the like) and it did come down to them in the end, but the last game for the title flipped from king of the hill to capture the flag, which nearly ended as a draw with no flags captured until an all out rush got the flag and won the game.

Here is a reference to a site with pictures:


I think a great time was had, and I'm hoping we have another developer event like this soon.

By now I'm sure you've heard of Silverlight and its graphical capabilities.

I think Camtasia capability within the nice Silverlight interface would be a good combo, here's a link to some good info on that possibility:


Here's a link to the Soapbox teams discussion of adoption of Silverlight:


And here is where my default search site is:


The ability to park your frequent - or infrequent - searched on the right side is something I use. Plus the ability to select web, rss etc from the dial on the left is something I use frequently. (The Halo graphic is an added plus :) )