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February, 2010

  • Question Mark on XP-mode Virtual PC Integration Device

    [Symptom] After installed with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit ,I got some question under the XP mode. There are 3 ? "Virtual PC integrated device" under other device , How can I update / install the driver for these device ? [Explanation...
  • Windows Vista/7 cannot add movie OLE object using Office 2007

    [問題說明] Windows 7的環境下安裝 Office 2007, 當用 PowerPoint嚐試要加入一個 [聲音音效] 的物件卻發生找不到此物件可以加入 [重現步驟] 使用 Windows XP 打開Power Point 2007, 插入物件後可以在物件類型找到 [ 聲音音效] 使用 Windows 7 打開Power Point 2007, 插入物件後在物件類型發現並沒有 [ 聲音音效] [原因] 在Windows XP的聲音音效物件是屬於作業系統的一個元件...