June, 2011

  • Haiku #143

    We apologize for the contents of this haiku. Sometimes we just can't help ourselves. But at least you'll learn something about user servers, so it's all worth it, right?

  • Haiku #142

    The animals of the world have united with one goal in mind: do not allow the Lync Server haiku author to get a full night's sleep. Maybe some Response Group application cmdlets will appease them.

  • Haiku #141

    How long will it take to read this haiku and article? Probably just a little bit longer than it takes to fall off an excercise machine, or to test your dial-in conferencing.

  • Haiku #140

    Apparently mountain bikes aren't nearly as sturdy as CAC cmdlets. Most notably, the haiku author's mountain bike gave out after only 300 miles, whereas the CsBandwidthPolicyServiceConfiguration cmdlets will probably last many more miles than that.

  • Haiku #139

    Haiku #139 is significant because the number 139 is significant...in it's own unique sort of way. Just like Lync Server diagnostic cmdlets.

  • Haiku #138

    All is right with the world when you have Lync Server PowerShell cmdlets. Espcially presence policy cmdlets.

  • Haiku #137

    Do you want baseball stats or information about Lync Server? Oh. Well, we'll see if we can manage to get something in here about Lync Server. Maybe even something about the CsManagementConnection cmdlets.

  • Haiku #136

    It's the Summer Solstice, which, as you probably know, is the day that brings the longest haiku article of the year. Or the haiku about the cmdlet with the longest name. Or maybe just a random haiku about Druids and audio bots.

  • Haiku #135

    Father's Day is over, but the memories of basketball, pasta blobs, and Lync Server migration live on.

  • Haiku #134

    There are a lot of scams out on the internet, but none of them involve Call Admission Control network region links. At least not as far as we know.

  • New Articles: Working with Microsoft Lync Registry Settings

    When the registry was first introduced in its current form in the Microsoft Windows 95 operating system, everyone at Microsoft was told “DO NOT tell users to touch anything in the registry. Ever.” We then proceeded to tell people that in some...
  • Haiku #133

    What's more interesting: baseball, video hydroplane races, or CsAVEdgeConfiguration cmdlets? We couldn't decide, so this haiku brings you all three.

  • Working with Microsoft Lync Registry Settings

    Remember the registry? Of course you do: the registry was first introduced in Windows 3.1 and now, almost 20 years later, the registry is still very much alive and kicking. We're the first to admit that the registry hasn't always been the most-beloved...
  • Keep sounds to a minimum when my status is Busy

    Registry locations HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Communicator\ suspendSoundWhenBusy Allowed registry values · 0 – Lync will not suppress sounds when your status is set to Busy · 1 – Lync will suppress...
  • Show photos of contacts

    Registry locations HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Communicator\ ShowPhoto Allowed registry values · 0 : Photos of yourself and all your contacts are not displayed in Microsoft Lync · 1 : Photos of yourself and...
  • Show the Menu Bar

    Registry locations HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Communicator\ AlwaysShowMenu Allowed registry values · 00 00 00 00 – The menu bar is not visible · 01 00 00 00 – The menu bar is visible ...
  • Show Lync in foreground when it starts

    Registry locations HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Communicator\ AutoOpenMainWindowWhenStartup Allowed registry values · 0 – The Contact List will not display onscreen when you logon to Windows · 1 –...
  • Show emoticons in instant messages

    Registry locations HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Communicator\ ShowEmoticons Allowed registry values · 0 – Emoticons are sent as text · 1 – Emoticons are sent as graphics Registry...
  • Lync Product Version

    Registry locations HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Communicator\ ProductVersion Allowed registry values Any string value Registry value type REG_SZ Default setting Version number...
  • Play sounds in Lync (including ringtones for incoming calls and IM alerts)

    Registry locations HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Communicator\ PlaySoundFeedback Allowed registry values · 0 – Lync will not play sounds when significant events occur · 1 – Lync will play sounds...
  • Prompt me before joining to confirm or select another audio source

    Registry locations HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Communicator\ AllowOverridingDeviceAtJoinTime Allowed registry values 0 : Automatically join a meeting using the default audio source 1 : Prompt before joining or changing...
  • Display my Out of Office Information to contacts in my Friends and Family, Workgroup, and Colleagues privacy relationships

    Registry locations HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Communicator\ AutoRetrieveOOFSettings Allowed registry values · 0 – Out of Office information is not displayed to contacts with the Friends and Family, Workgroup...
  • Hide the Notification Balloon

    Registry locations HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Communicator\ DSBkgndMode Allowed registry values · 00 00 00 00 – A balloon alert will be displayed each time you close the main Lync window · 01 00 00...
  • Keep sounds to a minimum when my status is Do Not Disturb

    Registry locations HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Communicator\ suspendSoundWhenDND Allowed registry values · 0 – Lync will not suppress sounds when your status is set to Do Not Disturb · 1 – Lync...
  • Haiku #132

    Guess what?


    Today's haiku is about archiving.

    Wait a minute, that's not the right answer. Is it?