March, 2011

  • Modify the SIP Address of an Enabled Lync Server User

    Can Set-CsUser construct a SIP address for you? No, it can't. As you probably know, when you enable a user for Lync Server you can ask the system to create the user's SIP address for you. For example, this command gives Ken Myer a SIP address based...
  • List the Users and Client Endpoint Versions Connected to a Registrar Pool: Remote Connection

    Nick Smith and Scott Stubberfield have updated a previous script of theirs which lists all the users connected to a Registrar pool along with the client version of the endpoint they used to log on to the system. According to Nick, updates made since the...
  • Announcing ... Unassigned Numbers

    There are some things you can do in Lync Server Control Panel, and some things you have to get into the Lync Server Management Shell to do. In this article Christopher Wallick tells us how to work with announcements and unassigned numbers, and what you can do where. This is an article in the ongoing series "Snippets from the Shell."

  • Haiku #59

    Lync Server PowerShell haiku -- and an introduction to the New-CsStaticRoute cmdlet.

  • Retrieve Lync Connection Information

    Submitted by Tracy A. Cerise, University of Kentucky This script pulls Microsoft Lync 2010 connection information, such as the number of connections per Front End Server and number of unique users, and either displays it to the console or writes...
  • Get-CsUser Filter Parameter and Enabled Attribute

    Get-CsUser always returns all the users who have been enabled for Lync Server. Except, of course, when it doesn't. Find out how to filter to find your enabled users.

    This article is one in our serires of articles responding to customer questions we received at TechReady 12.

  • PowerShell Overview: Format-Table vs. Select-Object

    What's the difference between Select-Object and Format-Table, and why would you use one vs. the other? This article is one in our series of articles responding to customer questions we received at TechReady 12.

  • List the Users and Client Endpoint Versions Connected to a Registrar Pool: Direct Connection

    Submitted by Scott Stubberfield and Nick Smith, Microsoft Nick Smith and Scott Stubberfield have updated a previous script of theirs which lists all the users connected to a Registrar pool along with the client version of the endpoint they used...
  • Enabling User Accounts in Lync Server vs. Exchange Server

    This article is in answer to the question "Does the Active Directory object for a user have to exist before you can enable that user for Lync Server?" The behavior in Lync Server is a little different than it is in Exchange. This article explains the differences.

  • Set the Forward To Number in Lync Server

    How can I set the actual number that calls are forwarded to? Well, unfortunately, you can't. We wish you could , because we get asked this question all the time. But you can't. Sorry. If you're wondering what we're talking about (something...
  • Haiku #78

    The world of sports is in a bit of turmoil right now, but your voice routes are safe as long as your PSTN usages are set up properly. Read this haiku article and learn how to ensure your voice routes and policies have the PSTN usages they need.

  • Warning Before Disabling a User in Lync Server

    How come there isn't a warning prompt that appears when you run Disable-CsUser? It seems like a kind of dangerous cmdlet to not have a warning. We hate to sound like a broken record, at least in part because we aren't sure that there are any people...
  • Copying Lync Server Policies

    Is there any way to copy a Lync Server policy? Officially? No, there's not. We know a lot of people would love to see something like a Copy-CsVoicePolicy cmdlet, but nothing like that exists at the moment, and we don't know of any plans to create...
  • Haiku #77

    Learn how to configure hyplerlinks in Lync 2010 instant messaging sessions. Even Cary Grant couldn't have come up with a Lync Server PowerShell haiku this good.

  • PowerShell Overview: Aliases and Functions

    This is a short article that addresses a general Windows PowerShell question we get asked frequently: Does the New-Alias cmdlet only allow you to create aliases for cmdlets themselves? Can you create an alias that actually covers several commands?

  • Active Directory Attributes in Lync Server 2010 and OCS 2007 R2

    Does Lync Server use the same Active Directory attributes and attribute values that Office Communications Server 2007 R2 used? Well, yes … and no. Note . Don't you just love it when you ask a yes/no question and you get back both...
  • Haiku #69

    What better way to celebrate a holiday than by reading the Lync Server PowerShell haiku, and by running the Test-CsPhoneBootstrap cmdlet.

  • Haiku #75

    Who ever thought a haiku could help them on their way towards importing and exporting their Lync Server configuration? Well, we're not sure the haiku itself is much help, but the rest of the article probably is. We hope.

  • Get-CsUser and Get-CsAdUser: When to Use Where-Object vs. Filter or LdapFilter

    You can use the Filter and LdapFilter parameters to filter your results when you retrieve users with the Get-CsUser and Get-CsAdUser cmdlets. But what's the difference between using those parameters and using Where-Object? There is a difference, and this article explains what it is and when you should use which method of filtering.

  • Haiku #79

    This haiku (and accompanying article) is about cmdlets you'll probably never use. But it's good to know they're there, just like the Lync Server PowerShell blog.

  • The 411 on Private Lines

    A Snippets from the Shell article By Christopher Wallick, BT Hello once again from the chocolate factory. This week has been pretty interesting technically and I wanted to bring your attention to a little known (but very cool) feature of Lync...
  • What is a Site in Lync Server?

    Are Lync Server sites related to Active Directory sites? How can I get a list of my Lync Server sites? And how do I create a site policy? Wow, so many questions! Let's see what we can do to answer them: 1. Are Lync Server sites related to...
  • Retrieve All Global Lync Server Policies

    How can I retrieve all the global policies? This turned out to be a very frustrating question for us, simply because we almost had a really good answer to it. Unfortunately, though, we have a few quirks in our cmdlet naming conventions and, because...
  • Haiku #71

    Are you a real man? (Or are you a man at all?) Read this haiku article to find out how a real man (or maybe even a woman) gets information on services and server roles with Lync Server PowerShell.

  • PowerShell Overview: Selecting Non-Existent Properties

    When you use the Select-Object cmdlet, how come PowerShell doesn't tell you that you asked for a property that doesn't exist? Let's explain the scenario that caused two different people to ask this question while attending our instructor-led lab...