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    For those of you that have done custom MP development, you know how mind boggling some of the errors can be and how difficult it is to get useful debug information on those failures. There was a resource kit tool that was released a while back which helped with this but that tool has not been updated...
  • Blog Post: Finding an instrumentation needle in a haystack of MPs

    I don't know about everyone else, but our team gets asked questions like the following very often: Are we collecting any events from source <insert source name here> ? Do any of the management packs we have deployed alert on event ID <####> ? Are we collecting performance data...
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    The “Monitoring Azure applications” series: Part 1: Enabling instrumentation and monitoring in your Azure app(s) Part 2: Setting up the handshake Part 3: Discovering your application Part 4: When things don’t work I've been working a lot monitoring of Azure applications...